CPS SC20KTL-O Received AA Rating by PHOTON Laboratory


The CPS SC20KTL-O inverter of Chint Power Systems received AA rating in the latest test conducted by the authoritative magazine Photon in the global PV industry. The conversion efficiency has reached 97.4% at high radiation condition and 97.1% at medium radiation condition, both have met Level A ranking standard. The performance has ranked among the best in the global products tested by PHOTON.
CPS SC20KTL-O has introduced its proprietary 3-level technology and IGBT/MOSFET shunt technology that greatly elevates the full range of its conversion efficiency. In addition, fully reliable digital control technology, 2-way dual MPPT tracking, advanced thermal design and smart fan speed regulation etc. are also advantageously applied. This product is certified by German TÜV, Italian ENEL2010, Spanish RD1663, British G59 and Chinese Golden Sun to meet the application requirements in most countries worldwide.

PHOTON Laboratory Introduction

PHOTON Laboratory is one of the most well known and authoritative test institutions in the global PV industry. PHOTON Lab has been carrying out inverter tests successfully since 2007, informing PHOTON readers whether or not a device is up snuff. The goal is helping system operators select the right inverters. It tested More than 50 inverter devices for multiple manufacturers have been tested and rated for their efficiency.
The lab assigns grades ranging from A++ to E, which correspond to an overall efficiency defined by PHOTON.
Since early 2011 PHOTON Laboratory has set a tighter standard of ranking inverters with their power conversion efficiencies. While some inverters were downgraded ever since, it is hard to come by the 20kW inverter of Chint Power Systems to receive a AA rating with its excellent performance.